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Model Contest Finalist #4  JJ

Another great gif from our Dirty Laundry video!

Another great gif from our Dirty Laundry video!

Check out what some fans made from our Locker Room Payback video!

Andrew Christian Tag Me

I hope by now you’ve already seen our incredible hot new video “Tag Me”. Here are some animated GIFs from the video for your enjoyment! Have fun :)

Rod Daily gifs from our newest video!

Watch the video at AndrewChristian.com/socialvideos !

Do you see it?


A trip down (pink) memory lane!

Ahh, remember the days when you used to go by the pool and start clenching your buttocks to the beat?  Good times…

Well if you eat it that slowly of course it’s melting..

I had a dream like this once.

Remember people, when applying sunscreen it’s best to have a minimum of three people helping you.

Now some dancing:

COMING SOON from Andrew Christian!

Are you excited for this?